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Alarm.com interactive security system website demo The interactive website demo is a screen-by-screen guide that shows how easy it is to use Alarm.com. The demo logs into a sample Alarm.com customer account to illustrate the interactive, user-friendly features available on the Alarm.com website. See how to check current system status, control your lights and thermostat, review event history, modify notification settings, assign and manage user access codes, and more!
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Alarm.com Security Systems Customer Demo Alarm.com combines reliable service and state-of-the-art technology for a wide spectrum of customers. Get 100% wireless protection for your home, business, remote property, retail store, construction site, and more. See how other customers are using Alarm.com in their homes and businesses.
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Stay Connected

Stay connected to what matters most. You probably already use a computer, cell phone, or other mobile device to check the weather, manage your bank account, and keep up with the latest breaking news. Now, Alarm.com makes it just as easy for you to stay connected to what really matters most: your home and family.

Remote Access via Web & PDA

• Check current system and sensor status.
• Arm and disarm the system from anywhere.
• Manage system access for multiple users.
• View recent system and sensor activity.
• Search up to 60 Days of activity history.
• Customize notification settings and add or delete
  recipients from your online address book.

An Alarm.com system is much more than a security system. In addition to forwarding any alarms to the monitoring center for emergency response, Alarm.com lets you remotely monitor non-alarm activity at the property around the clock, even when the system is disarmed. Fully customizable settings ensure you get exactly the information you want, only when you want it.

Real-Time Email & Text Message Alerts

• Receive alerts for alarms, power outages/restorals,
  and other important system events.
• Create customized sensor notifications based on
  the specific non-alarm activity and threats you
  want to monitor at your property.
• Find out when the system was armed or disarmed,
  and by which user.
• Receive an arming reminder alert if the system
  hasn't been armed by the usual time.
• Get alerted when a particular door, window, or
  cabinet is left open too long during certain times.

Secure and Reliable Wireless Technology

Unlike most security systems, Alarm.com is wireless and doesn’t need a phone line or Internet connection to communicate signals to the monitoring center. It’s a great solution for customers who use VoIP (Voice-over-IP) or cell phones instead of a regular landline phone. It’s also more secure, since it will continue to function reliably even if an intruder cuts the phone line or the Internet connection goes down. And since it operates off the security system’s backup battery, it can continue to function reliably for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage.

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